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Introducing, the But Why Fan Club!

Fan ($7 a month)

  • Welcome Kit that includes an exclusive But Why Fan Club patch, bookmark, and stickers.
  • Monthly activity newsletters. You’ll get a variety of activities tied to episodes as well as printable coloring sheets and special heads up about upcoming episodes.
  • 20% off at our new But Why merch store! (check it out here).

Big Fan ($10 a month)

  • All of the Fan perks listed above plus:
  • 1 But Why book (Are Llamas Ticklish? Or Do Fish Breathe Underwater?)
  • Access to quarterly virtual But Why meet and greet events.

Super Fan ($15 a month)

  • All of the Big Fan perks listed above plus:
  • $25 store credit to the But Why merch store.

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